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See that ShareThis icon at the bottom right of the comic? If (and only if) you enjoy what you see here, please click it and choose ways to share the site with your friends. You see, I don’t have a huge audience, and I’d love to have more people visiting. I’ve recently been on and experienced a huge upswing in visitors. Of course, I won’t keep all of them, but if just a few stick around every time the site is shared, then you’ve helped me grow my readership. If you do reddit, choose to put me in the “comics” category (in ShareThis, it’s the field automatically filled in with when you click reddit: being more specific with comics will help me get those who like webcomics).

Update: if Javascript is disabled on your browser, you won’t see the button. And if you don’t have it enabled, you’re missing other things on the Web, too. If you want to enable it, look at this.