kirby2Kirby: Our somewhat clueless hero is a writer (unpublished) working in a copy shop while awaiting the huge book advance he’s sure is coming. He never expected to become the Librarian, a job he knows nothing about.

connieConnie Carter, Girl Detective: A truly old-fashioned girl with a 1950s attitude and no concept of modern technology. She isn’t really sure why she keeps slipping out of her own adventures and into the mysterious library.

frankensteinThe Creature: Not “monster,” “Creature.” And definitely not Frankenstein, that’s the name of a pathetic mad scientist who makes creatures. Don’t even think about calling him Frank. He seems to know a lot about the library. He also doesn’t act a lot like the thing in the book, with his love of video games and pop culture.

lilithLilith: The granddaughter of the woman who rents the apartment/library to Kirby. Lilith finds this deeply irritating, as she wants the place for her own. She may have a lot of power (maybe), but she can’t use it in the Library and she can’t use it against the Librarian. She’s known the Creature since she was a little girl and isn’t particularly fond of him.

Other Characters: While perusing the Hex Libris archives, you’ll also meet Kirby’s friend Amy, who seems to have an interest in Kirby to which he is oblivious. And back in Connie’s world, you’ll meet her sidekick Freddie, her boyfriend Don, and the intrepid Watson (her faithful dog).