New Feature, and Audience Participation

I’ve just added a new feature to the site: The Reading List. I’m growing this site to include more about books and reading. After all, Hex Libris is about a magical library, so I’m guessing my audience has at least some interest in books.

The Reading List will feature book reviews, and I’m opening the doors to my readership on this one. If you’d like to contribute a review, please feel free to send it along. Include your name, your review and whether you recommend the book or not (I’ll put that notation at the top of reviews… they don’t have to be positive reviews, since that would get boring). I’ll give you a byline and a link back to your own site if you so desire. Keep in mind that my audience is all-ages in your writing style and mention whether the book is appropriate for all ages or not. My first review is for a book that is definitely not for the younger set, despite some marketing missteps that have led some to believe it’s a kids book.

Stay tuned for more new features on Hex Libris.