Words and Spells

Have you noticed that words about magic often call have their origins in words themselves? Spell. Conjure (which comes from the Latin for oath). Invocation (a spoken entreaty). Summon (to call). Enchant (chant isn’t part of that word by accident). Words are the source of magic. And therefore, books are magical. Well, at least they are when they can conjure (there’s that word again) images and emotions in the reader.

And not that I’d call this magic, but in the book of Genesis, God speaks the heavens and the earth into existence. The book of John begins “In the beginning was the word.” Now THAT is power. Words that make something of nothing.

Okay, enough lecturing. But I have always found the connection between the word and the supernatural fascinating. This wasn’t consciously in my mind when I created this strip, but I’ve realized that it’s always been there.

More library secrets coming up. Without too many metaphysical meanderings.

Oh, and I’d like to thank Dr. Verlyn Flieger, one of my professor’s at university, who taught me the true mythic meaning of the word. What an amazing class: perhaps the best I took at the University of Maryland. I hope she’ll forgive me for watering her lessons down in this post.

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