Wait for the Beep

And we’re back after a short break. I managed to get my package of comics pages done for my graphic novel manuscript and also managed to wonder where my time was going. I intended to be back by today at the latest, but I didn’t really intend to return at the latest point I set for myself.

Anyway, off we go on a melancholy note. I promise to at least try for some laughs in the coming weeks.

Oh, and this is sort of kind of Chapter 11. I’m hoping to do more strips that are enjoyable to someone who has just dropped in and doesn’t really know the characters as well as continue with some storytelling. I’ll find the balance.

3 thoughts on “Wait for the Beep”

  1. Hi.
    I’d say, don’t care too much about the newcomers, for the story. Today I randomly dropped in at the boxer’s part, and I started reading from the beginning.
    You’re doing a nice job here ^^

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