Untrained and Dangerous

I think a lot of people go through a period of reading Lovecraft, though fewer stick with it. It takes patience to read someone who occasionally seems to have spilled his thesaurus on the page. But the ideas and atmosphere makes the effort worthwhile, at least in the case of the more well-known stories. Kirby seems to have a real interest in fantasy literature, especially the classic stuff. More from that later.

Between a trip to England and two weeks of teaching full time, I’m fighting to keep up my regular schedule. Last summer I took a break (for a couple of months, something I didn’t want to do). But though we’re taking a very short break from this storyline, I’ll continue to publish Hex Libris strips. Starting next Tuesday, I’ll be putting up pieces that are hand-drawn and perhaps not as polished as what I usually do. Still, the comics will be related to the world of Hex Libris and I hope you find them enjoyable. The story will start up again in two weeks at the latest. Stick with me, I think you’ll have fun.

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