Ties that Bind

I hate ties. I haven’t worn a tie in over a decade, excepting a funeral and a couple of weddings. But at least I dress a bit better than Don. It’s black and white, but those shoes are brown and the socks are white. Black trousers. He’s a real catch.

Well, it looks like Connie Carter, Girl Detective has found another mystery. How will it all trail back to the magical library of Hex Libris? Will the next strip confuse you? Stay tuned, next Tuesday.

2 thoughts on “Ties that Bind”

  1. Well, white socks and brown shoes aside, those pants are too short. Has he not bought any clothes since his early teens? Connie, a woman of taste, obviously notices his high waters.

    1. Don is the kind of Golden Boy I never felt comfortable with in High School, but he’s the sort of Golden Boy who is only comfortable in his casual sports clothes. I get the feeling he wears his letter jacket until he’s in danger of heat stroke. Ask him to dress up and he’s clueless. So you called it just right.

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