All Endings Are Beginnings

Quite possibly no one else is, but I am very excited about the launch of Hex Libris today, Tuesday January 1st. If you’re going to launch a Web comic, why not make it easy to remember the anniversary. If this thing lasts a year. It’s scripted beyond that, at least loosely. But I’m going to need to exercise more discipline than I’ve been able to muster over the past three months.

Hex Libris will be updated weekly, possibly with breaks between chapters depending on how quickly I’m working. So that’s another good reason to launch on January 1st: I can declare a New Year’s resolution (something I don’t usually do) stating that I will create one page of my strip a week for the next year.

So the fireworks are finished, friends gone home, dishes washed and alcohol working its way out of the bloodstream. Happy New Year to all. I’m actually doing this before I go to bed, because I truly am that excited about this comic. Let me know what you think.