Not That Kind of Girl

Special Announcement: The gifted illustrator and writer Mark Mitchell has a blog for all aspiring children’s book illustrators and lovers of children’s books. And I’ve been honored with a feature story about Hex Libris. It’s a great site: go for the Hex, stay for all the amazing stuff he’s doing there.

Has anyone ever really said “I’m not that kind of girl”? I mean, in real life and not in movies or books. You certainly wouldn’t expect to hear it these days, unless it’s purred in a sensually ironic way.

I want to make it clear that Kirby is not autobiographical, and that nothing like this has ever happened to me (even without Hex Libris’ magical library). Though Kirby shares my occasional obliviousness to the behavior of women around me. There have been times where I’ve missed billboards advertising that a girl might like to go out with me, metaphorically speaking. And I’m not sure if he’s figured this one out even now. I’m already having a lot of fun with the Connie/Amy/Kirby triangle of misunderstandings and general confusion.