Monstrous Request

Finally, we’re back with Chapter 4. I hope you forgive me for the TV-inspired summer break. If you’re new here, it’s a good time to jump in, and you can read the story from the beginning to really see what’s going on.

I plan to keep this up weekly for the rest of the year, and then attempt to go twice a week next year, once I’m done with my daily A Dog a Day Project. I’ll still be drawing dogs, just not every day. I knew it would be a challenge, but it’s certainly bit into my time.

Anyway, here we are, back with someone who looks mysteriously like Frankenstein’s monster looming over poor Kirby. I wish I could draw faster, there’s so much coming up that I can’t wait to bring it to you. More on Connie, more on the monster, more on Kirby, more on Amy… Stay tuned, folks.

By the way, I scheduled these to go live while in England, and messed up some of the dates in the back-end system. So earlier today, the comic for 2 weeks from now was up. And made no sense. This is fixed, and I’m home tomorrow and can get things fixed up for the future.