Lights Out

And so chapter 7 officially draws to a close. Sorry for the cliff-hanger, but on Friday we’ll be back with Kirby, Frankenstein’s creature, and the mysterious Lilith. Never fear, though, it won’t be too long before you learn the fate of Connie Carter, Girl Detective.

In old radio shows and detective books, the hero is getting slugged on the head with great regularity. Enough of a blow that they go unconscious. You’d think they wouldn’t keep being good detectives as their brains were progressively pulped. In fact, on the show Rogue’s Gallery, detective Richard Rogue was slugged every week, and had a conversation with his alter-ego Eugor (Rogue backwards, right?) while awaiting his return to consciousness.

Connie has a hard head, so we’ll hope she comes out okay.

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