Kirby’s Reading Suggestions

Travel, full-time teaching, work and other things prevent me from creating strips in my normal fashion. Instead of (another) break or (another) shift in style, I’m putting up some “outside of the storyline” items. I hope you find them entertaining.

You might be seeing more reading suggestions from Kirby in the future. I drew and wrote this one in Maggie’s Mum’s sitting room. I ended up fixing up my lettering on the computer. You simply don’t want to have to read my hand-lettering. You’d never come back.

You can find Robert W. Chambers’ King in Yellow in this collection (which is the four good stories from that book without the other not-particularly-good stories, but with other eerie stories from later collections):

The King in Yellow and Other Horror Stories (Dover Mystery, Detective, & Other Fiction)

You can find Machen’s TheĀ Great God Pan in this anthology, which also contains so much good stuff that you should grab it right now:

Great Tales of Terror and the Supernatural (Modern Library)

I’m sure Kirby could wax rhapsodic about that collection for hours. I certainly could.

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