Endless Loop

Wouldn’t it be terrible if all our lives actually play out in an unchangeable endless loop? What if you suddenly became aware of this? How long before having to make the same mistakes and say the same stupid things drove you mad? Of course, no one would know, because you’d continue on auto-pilot.

Okay, this is a terrible time for me to get metaphysical. On with your lives. Whatever cycle you’re on.

2 thoughts on “Endless Loop”

  1. Many a theatre actor knows how the creature feels! If you’re unlucky/poor enough to be stuck in something that you have less than total respect for that’s just how it seems.

    On a point of taste thought, I’d say that the creature’s line isn’t that bad – could be quite moving if done right – Victor’s though? Pity the poof character that had to spout that melodramatic tosh ad infinitum

    1. I think the line is ad from the creature’s perspective: after all, he has more pride than this line would indicate.

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