Chick Magnets

When I first planned Hex Libris, I knew I wanted to tell a story. But I also wanted to step aside and look at the world of books on occasion. Hey, it’s a huge library… I mean, you have no idea! Not yet, anyway. And so things are likely going on in the dark and dusty back stacks; things our heroes aren’t privy to.

What they are fortunately not privy to right now is vampires. If you go to the bookstore, you’ll find there is a glut of vampires. Vampires a-go-go. What I call “velvet vampires.” You know, dark, brooding, non-human-blood-drinking sorts who are just waiting for the right human girl to help bring their humanity back to them. There are other cash-ins, as well… pirates are big and so you might wish to check out Vampirates (no, I’m not kidding).

Now if you want good vampire stuff, you’re going to have to dig deep into the cemetery loam. I recommend Let the Right One In. It was also an awesome movie, out on DVD soon. It’s upsetting stuff and is miles away from the fanged Harlequin romances most current vampire novels aspire to be. Rant over. Come back Friday as I take on the distaff side of this particular literary fad.

Next week, we’re back to Connie. But first, come back on Friday for the bookend strip to today’s entry. I mean it, folks, Hex Libris is now a Tuesday/Friday strip.

Finally, I’m oddly proud of the last panel in this one: there’s something sort of Mad Magazine about the boy wizard (I like boy wizards, but there was a glut of them recently jumping on a certain bandwagon). And I think this is the first suggestive joke I’ve made in this strip. I won’t use them often, but there’s a doozy coming on Friday. Blame my wife when you read that one, I give her full credit.

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