Career Choices

Poof?? But who made the poof? Did she get him? Or did he write fast enough? Oh, the suspense! Or at least I hope there’s some suspense.

Toad or librarian. Which is the best career choice? Any librarians care to comment? Any toads?

The negative panel: an example of the happy accident… I accidentally filled the panel with black, leaving my outlines filled with white. I liked it. So traditional artists, who talk about the happy accident involving a slip or mistake that is pleasing, it does happen digitally.

2 thoughts on “Career Choices”

  1. love happy accidents……..and yes…….suspenseful!!!!
    i can’t wait for the next one.
    do you have this already written? or do you make it up as you go along??
    it’s sooo good!

    1. I work from an outline and notes. But dialogue gets written after I finish the roughs for a strip. Then I ink. Then I find myself tweaking the dialogue. Sometimes, I end up throwing in something unexpected (to me), but the outline steers me in the right direction. If I thought anyone was really interested, I’d post the “how I do it” with images and notes.

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