This one was really fun to do. I had a ton of possible punchlines, so I hope I chose one that at least made you smile.

Apropos of nothing, I’m a huge fan of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer musical episode, in which Anya sings a song warning against the evil of bunnies.

See that ShareThis icon at the bottom right of the comic? If (and only if) you enjoy what you see here, please click it and choose ways to share the site with your friends. You see, I don’t have a huge audience, and I’d love to have more people visiting.

4 thoughts on “Bunny-Palooza”

  1. Actually, I don’t see that “ShareThis” icon. Under the bottom right of the comic, I do see the “Get Hex Libris by Email” link, but no “Share This”.

    I did get an almost immediate retweet of my manual Twitter post, though. Also, the other day, I had another friend how much she liked it and that she was working on reading up from the beginning after I shared your Facebook link.

    1. It’s be nice if I didn’t leave words out of my sentences, but I guess the meaning still came through.

    2. You may have Javascript turned off. I hope? It’s the obvious answer, and I’ve been battling the web recently on certain things.

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