Banana Split for My Baby

I feel a bit for Don here. Just a little. Something in my high-school geek soul can’t completely feel for a guy in a letter jacket. Will the Van Bleek’s party lead to a new mystery for Connie Carter, Girl Detective, and the gang?

Can you, without Google, finish the lyric started in the title of this episode? No fair if you peek.

A tip of the hat to my brother-in-law, who pointed out that Connie’s car is British (the wheel placement is a dead giveaway). I’d like to pretend that I planned that. But it did lead to the idea that Lord Chelmsley would give her the roadster for helping with a ghost problem. Because that’s just how it would happen if Lord Chelmsley needed help with a ghost problem.

And honestly, how often can you have someone a character say “gee whiz” without irony?

2 thoughts on “Banana Split for My Baby”

  1. Louis Prima wrote this, yes? A plain glass of water for me – I think. This song never made the top 10, let alone the top 100.

    1. “A glass of plain water for me…” So you were very close, and it proves you didn’t peek (unless you’re being really clever). I’m sure that song must have charted somehow, it’s one of Prima’s better known pieces. I know I couldn’t get it out of my head once I wrote the “banana split” line in this strip.

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