A Nice Cup of Tea

Will Kirby get some answers from his landlady at last? Has Connie Carter succumbed to fatigue, drugged tea, or magic? Hmmm.

Panel 3 was inspired by a 1950s movie poster. Anyway want to try and name the source?

Perhaps the tea isn’t so nice, but today’s title is inspired by my mother-in-law who, to Maggie’s chagrin, launched into a song of that title during a conversation. Maggie has no more patience for my own sudden songbursts, though. Here are the lyrics:

I like a nice cup of tea in the morning
For to start the day you see
And at half-past eleven
Well my idea of Heaven
Is a nice cup of tea

I like a nice cup of tea with my dinner
And a nice cup of tea with my tea
And when it’s time for bed
There’s a lot to be said
For a nice cup of tea


3 thoughts on “A Nice Cup of Tea”

  1. The movie poster to come to mind is Gort carrying Patricia Neal in The Day the Earth Stood Still. The poster theme wasn’t necessarily original to that film, several flying saucer films of the era have the same, or similar, themes; an alien carrying some comatose female while all hell breaks loose in the background. I like a nice cup of tea in the morning, by the way.

  2. Just got caught up on the last few weeks. Good stuff. I’ve also signed up for the e-mail delivery, so maybe I won’t get so far behind again.

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