I think the strip speaks for itself. Here ends chapter 10, dear reader. This one made my wife smile, which is the best feeling in the world.

Hex Libris, the magical library comic, will be taking a short break. Fear not, I’ll be back very soon with tales of girl detectives, monsters, librarians and witches. More fictional characters. Romance. Swashbuckling action. And more one-off strips that you could read without having ever seen the comic before.

Story strips are hard for new readers. So over the last 10 chapters, I’ve set up the background and introduced the characters. And had a really good time and also watched the art style improve substantially, at least in my eyes. I’ll be doing strips with the characters you’ve (I hope) grown to know. But I’ll also be commenting on books, popular culture and more. There’s be some strips that stand alone, some short adventures and maybe some longer ones as well. I’d love to hear what you’d like to see or not see.

Over the next several weeks, I’ll be away from home and then working my posterior off on a graphic novel project I’m submitting for review (deadline, December 28). But I’ll be back in a few weeks, and will update here when I know my return date. Click here to subscribe to the strip by email and you’ll receive the strips when they go live. No cost, no catches, no personal information shared and no unwanted emails result from subscribing this way.

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  1. Dave S.

    I’ll miss it. I’ve been tweeting links and blurbs on the new strips (, but always think that it’d be hard for new folks to just jump in. I think a mix will be a good idea.

    What’s the graphic novel about? Look forward to hearing more on that. Good luck!

    • erik

      I won’t be gone very long, I just won’t have time over the next two weeks. I’ll get back to it then. The graphic novel is Action-Packed Gorillas, finally moving along and provided with a book-length story. I’m doing a submission packet, which I have to get to the agent by the end of December.

      And thanks for the support, it keeps me going.

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