The Newsstand at Alexandria

Well, here’s a bit more information. I think Connie Carter, Girl Detective, is being willfully out of touch here. I bet you would be trying to do the same. Heck, maybe you really are just a character in a book.

Think about it. And if you are a character in a book, is the author good? Bad? A hack? I think it’s a cool question to ask.

I know at least some of my readership have degrees in history (yep, it’s true). For the rest of you, the Library at Alexandria was considered one of the wonders of the ancient world. From what I can tell, there’s real disagreement as to when it burned and who did the burnin’. But burn it did. We can hope that the Library of Hex Libris is a little more flame retardant.

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  1. Mom

    Erik, I love your question, “is the author good?” It goes with the questions you asked as a 3 year old, “Where does the light go when you turn off the switch?” and ”
    what hold up the stairs?” Good thing you had smart parents. LOL

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