The New Librarian

Announcement: Let it be know that chapter the fifth of Hex Libris will begin publication on Tuesday September 16, returning on a weekly schedule. Check it out, yo.

And thus ends chapter 3. I’ve been hinting at the mysterious figure lurking around the library, and at last he steps out of the shadows. If you haven’t caught the clues, especially the arctic scene a while back, you need go re-read (or just read) Frankenstein. You’ll find it’s very different from the movies, and it opens and closes in the arctic wastes. The monster is also very different; he not only talks, it’s kind of hard to shut him up.

Starting next Monday, I’ll be teaching full time for a month, and will be doing so again in August. So Hex Libris won’t be updated for a bit. I wanted to get to the end of Chapter 3, which we can think of as the last episode of the first season. We’ll be back with new episodes soon, September at the latest. But I do hope to start Chapter 4 in July. Feel free to come here and watch the reruns whenever you want. And I’ll be keeping up my Dog a Day Project, drop by and see what I come up with.

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