You usually make the most interesting discoveries when you’re just browsing through the shelves at the library or bookstore. Connie seems to have found something interesting, and left it behind for Kirby to mull over. I hope you like my homage to the covers of the older girl-detective style books. Chapter 3 ends with two big reveals, the last panel of this strip being the first. Come back next week to learn the identity of the mysterious, shadowy figure. I think you’ll recognize him.

Kirby proves his coolness cred by showing that he’s a Mac user. The symbol on his shirt is the Mac shortcut for Undo. I love Undo, no matter what your computer system is. I wish real life allowed you to take back a mistake with a simple hand motion. There are times when I say something really stupid to Maggie and I desperately wish I had this ability. No luck there, but I do have the shirt. And so can you: by a strange coincidence I happen to sell them.

That book Kirby is browsing is Robert Chambers’ The King in Yellow, a book about a play manuscript that drives those who read it mad. This predates, by the way, the mysterious Necronomicon which features so heavily in the work of H.P. Lovecraft. Lovecraft clearly stated his debt to Chambers. Sadly, Chambers seemed to burn out after just four or five incredible short stories… his later work can get pretty dire. In fact, the second half of The King in Yellow isn’t all that good, and the stories have no relation to his stories about the ghastly play. Get it anyway, for stories such as ‘The Yellow Sign’ and my favorite, ‘The Repairer of Reputations’. Is that book in Kirby’s hands the Chambers’ story collection, or the play discussed within its pages? Anything might happen in Hex Libris, that library is not to be trusted.

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