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Pretty Monsters by Kelly Link Rating: Highly Recommended I would have loved Pretty Monsters when I was a teenager. Heck, I loved it now that I’m farther away from my teenage-hood than feels comfortable. While I’ve read what’s called “high fantasy” with elves and dragons and such trappings, I’ve always preferred the “magical realism” school […]

Don’t Look Now: Selected Short Stories by Daphne Du Maurier Rating: Recommended Buy this from If you think you know Daphne Du Maurier and haven’t read her short fiction, you’re in for a surprise. Outside of Rebecca, made into a creepy but strangely denatured film by Hitchcock (Hitchcock replaced premeditated murder with an unfortunate […]

The Martian Chronicles by Ray Bradbury Rating: Recommended Buy this from I’ve loved Bradbury since I was a a young teen. Often, the stuff you loved at that age doesn’t hold up on re-reading. You look back on many youthful enthusiasms with a mix of nostalgia and embarrassment. So I’m pleased to report that […]