Beauty and the Beast

Ah, the heroine walks into the room without looking around, and the audience cringes. She doesn’t notice that the monster is lurking there. Opening a can of soda. Yep, that’s how it usually happens.

Connie Carter, Girl Detective, meets Frankenstein’s Creature? That sounds like an old black-and-white film. But, dear reader, it’s what is about to happen in the next exciting installment of Hex Libris. Or something sort of like that, anyway.

Update: Maggie and I celebrated our 10th anniversary on April 24th. I did a comic in celebration, you can read it by clicking here.

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  1. mary sullivan

    Oh boy!!!……..i hope there will be some sex now!!! 🙂

    • erik

      Oh, lots and lots and lots. But still all-ages. I aim to keep this all-ages. Family-friendly smut coming up.

  2. Dave S.

    Got behind a little, but happy belated anniversary! Sandy and I are working on 16 years. Hard to believe

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